Statistics and Probability

Chapter 3 Review


Bivariate Data Comparison


A. Qualitative vs. Qualitative

     a. Contingency Table

         i. How to set one up (Numerical Values only)

         ii. Marginal Totals Based Upon…

             1. Grand Total (100% in corner)

             2. Row (100% in last column)

             3. Column (100% in last row)


B. Qualitative vs. Quantitative

     a. Categories Divided

         i. Statistical Data for Each Group

             1. Be ready for any Stat you can get from data:

                 ie. Variance, Standard Deviation, mean,

                 median, mode, 5 number summary, etc.


C. Quantitative vs. Quantitative

      a. Explanatory (independent) vs. Response


      b. Is there a logical relationship?

      c. Correlation Coefficient

      d. Is the data linear and what is the strength of r?

      e. Plot of LSRL and Data

      f.  Does the line fit the data?

      g. Residual Plot

      h. Is there a pattern?

      i.  Outliers and Influential Points




Statistics and Probability

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