The major themes behind Chapter 8 are...


    1.    Estimation of the Mean

            a.    Estimation for the Population Mean with Standard Deviation Known.

            b.    Four Step Process

                    i.    State what you are trying to estimate.

                    ii.    Verify Conditions

                    iii.    Calculations

                    iv.    Explanation of calculation.


    2.    Hypothesis Statements

            a.    Stating the Null and Alternative Hypothesis

                    i.    Mathematical Statement of Hypothesis

                    ii.    Literal Statement of Hypothesis


    3.    Hypothesis Testing

            a.    Hypothesis Testing for the Population Mean

                   (Standard Deviation known)

            b.    Four Step Process

                    i.    Statement of Hypothesis

                    ii.    Verify Condition and state type of test

                    iii.    Calculations

                            a.    Probability Approach is the

                                   comparison between alpha and

                                   p- value.

                            b.    Classical Approach is the

                                   comparison between z-scores.

                    iv.    Conclusion in context of the problem.




Statistics and Probability

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