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Chapter 14 Outline

Chapter 14

Main Topics


Section 14.1


   Inference about the model
    1.    Conditions for inference
            a.    The response variable varies according to a

                   normal distribution. 
            b.    The mean response (mu of y) has a straight-

                   line relationship
                    with the explanatory variable x.
            c.    The standard deviation for the response

                   variable is the same for all values for x.
    2.    Inference
            a.    Estimators for the slope and intercept
            b.    The standard error of the line is based upon

                   the residuals.
                    i.    Degree of Freedom is n-2
    3.    Confidence Interval
            a.    Estimation for the regression slope.
    4.    Hypothesis testing for the slope
            a.    The null hypothesis will always be no relation
            b.    The alternative will be concerning positive or

                   negative slope.  If the alternative is “not

                   equal” to zero, then the statement is that

                   there is some relationship between the x and

                   the y variable.

Section 14.2

A.    Confidence interval for average response
    1.    This is the confidence interval based upon the

           least squares regression model.
B.    Confidence interval for single observation
    1.    Prediction for an observation based upon an

           individual response.





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