Advanced Placement

Statistics and Probability

Chapter 11 Outline

1.    Introduction

            a.    Conditions for inference of the Mean for a


                    i.    SRS

                    ii.   Normal Distribution

            b.    Standard Error of the sample mean.


    2.    The t-Test and t-Distribtution (One Sample t-Test)

            a.    One-Sample t-Test

                    i.    Degrees of Freedom

            b.    Confidence Interval based on a sample

                   (Population SD unknown)

            c.    Match Pair t-Test

                    i.    Comparison of change in data.  (One-

                          Sample t-Test)

            d.    Robustness of t-Test

                    i.    Cautions of sample size

            e.    Power of t-Test


    3.    Comparison of Two Means (Two Sample t-Test)

            a.    Conditions for the Comparison

                    i.    SRS from each population

                    ii.    Both populations are normally


            b.    Sampling Distribution of difference between

                   two populations

            c.    Robustness visited again

            d.    Pooled Two-Sample t-Proceedures


AP Statistics


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